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We are an adult social network site, it is free to join, we are a community that for everyone over the age of eighteen (18) years old. It about socializing with like minded people about subject such as BDSM, Bondage and Fetish Lifestyle. At our site we have free chat rooms, rooms that can be created by registered members. Blogs, forum, groups, you can create your own group, discuss any topic that is legal among consenting adults. Place you can share music, videos, pictures. There are may private setting, that you can choose from, it all depend on you and how much of yourself you would like to share with others about yourself. Join in the discussion that is already started or start one of your own. This site is totally free and will never charge it's member, my goals is always keep this site free.


I ask all of our members to be respectful of all the members, because this is about BDSM, Bondage and Fetish Lifestyle it dose not mean you have the right to abuse someone or get abused. If you need a better understand of the lifestyle, there are other members that can guide you and point you in the right direction. We do have moderators on the site and can assist anyone if they need help navigating the site, including the chat rooms.


Bondage and Discipline. Although they go together in this phrase, they are not inextricably linked. Bondage means restraining someone in a helpless position (Such as being tied up.) Discipline is training a person to behave in a certain way. They tend to go together because Dominants tend to do both to their submissive.


BDSM - A popular acronym for activities inclusive of (but not limited to) Bondage, Domination/Discipline Submission/Sadism & Masochism. Also called WIITWD, an acronym for "What It Is That We Do." Both mean this type of alternative lifestyle. Sometimes the word "Bondage" has the same broad range meaning when used in a descriptive context.



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